Incubated Start-ups

Mr. Birendra Bisht

Delivering affordable and quicker access of financial solutions to Commercial Drivers by monetizing their Driving Risk Data with the Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Finance and other banking investment solution providers.

Mr. Mohideen Ashraf

Stock Market simulator and educational tool for beginners helping them to improve financial literacy about Stock Markets, analyze risk and learn to trade/invest in markets without risk.

Mr. Aditya Sharma

All About Dream is a mobile application based start-up that provides a platform to people to raise money for their cause using the concept of crowdfunding.

Mr. Ravi Sethia

Udhaar is a Micro Credit app for people underserved by banks and NBFCs.

Mr. Dhiraj Kumar

Mobile based face to face payment platform using optical handshake technology to enable secure fund transfers even in the absence of internet connectivity.

Mr. Parikshit Sai

Pranam Kisan is a rural Agri-Fin Tech startup that aims to provide access to affordable and quality service to farmers in rural India..

Ms. Thejashwini.G

1Money digitises people without smartphones and without bank accounts by making their identity cards alternative to banks, cash, credit and debit cards; saving payment gateway charges and all other allied banking charges for customers and merchants.