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IIM Lucknow – SIDBI Centre for Innovations in Financial Inclusion (SCIFI) is organizing a online Capacity Building Program. This  program is structured as an intensive 25 hrs. for 11 days  dedicated for Stratups, Budding Entrepreneurs Professionals, Existing Enterprises and keen to learn University Graduates. This capacity building program is developed to train the participants in various skills that are required to effectively lead a new venture. This programs consist of an intensive sessions taken by IIM Lucknow Faculty members and domain Experts of the Industry. 

About the program:

The objective of the Capacity Building program is to provide the key skills of entrepreneurship to incubatees, budding entrepreneurs, startups, professionals and micro enterprises. Also to foster entrepreneurship culture amongst the passionate and keen to learn university graduates. This program will helps the participants to understand the key challenges & dynamics of startups and also impart the required skill sets to productively lead their ventures. The intensive sessions will lead towards the following outcomes:

  • From idea identification to validation
  • Developing the problem-solving skills of the participants
  • Importance of market research and product market fit
  • Understanding of Term sheet and CAP table
  • Understanding of basics management tenets
  • Compliances for setting up a new venture and effectively managing it
  • Developing Leadership qualities and becoming efficient in handling a team.
  • Developing effective communication strategy for startups: Business Plans, Pitch Presentations
  • Think Strategically!
  • Specific sessions on Agritech/ Agribusiness, Rural Development and Women Empowerment..

Who can apply: Stratups, Budding Entrepreneurs Professionals, Existing Enterprises and keen to learn University Graduates.

How to apply:

Interested startups/budding entrepreneurs/students can apply online by filling out the form below:

Apply Online 

Apply on or before: April 12, 2021 (Monday 00:00 IST) 


* Applications will be scrutinized and program schedule & link will be shared with selected participants only!
*Applications will be accepted by online mode only!
*One promoter per startups can apply for the program
* Program Fees: No Fee will be charged
* Program Mode: Virtual (Online)
frequently asked questions

Startups, Budding Entrepreneurs, Micro Enterprises, Professionals and passionate & keen to lean university graduates

Interested startups, entrepreneurs, professionals and students can apply online by filling out the form by follow link below:

Apply Online 

Total duration of the program would be up to 12 days. Sessions will be organized in the evening hours.

It is suggested that only one promoter per startups will be selected for the capacity building program. 

Yes! The resumes of the participants will be scrutinized by the internal committee of SCIFI members. The selected participants will be informed through email and shared the program link.

IIML-SCIFI organizing this capacity building program to foster entrepreneurship. This program is absolutely free and No Fee will be charged from participants. 

Keeping in view the Covid19 pandemic scenarios throughout the country the program will be organized virtually (Online) through zoom meetings.

If you have any query regarding program, kindly email us at:


Contact us on: +91-6696387/6010/6390


SIDBI Centre for Innovation in Financial Inclusion (SCIFI)

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, IIM Road, Prabandh Nagar, Off Sitapur Road, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 226 013 INDIA